Friday, September 14, 2012

I posted these pictures using their original descriptions or commentaries. I opted not to share any of the stories of these pictures, and it dawns on me that many of these titles make little or no sense. Believe me, all my posts are damned funny, and they all made sense at the time! Enjoy!


EDITED: Almost 4 years after posting the first year of these, I'm going to attempt to get caught up. Wish me luck!

Also--be sure to click on the pictures. You don't want to miss any extra surprises. No guarantees that all of them have something different (in fact, less than half), but there's some good ones out there!

What is HNT?

Half-Nekkid Thursday (HNT) is a concept that saw the light of day on May 19th, 2005. When I first proposed the idea to a couple of my friends, I figured it would last for a few weeks, and go no further than a handful of blogger buddies. Little did I envision it becoming the phenomenon that it has!

What makes HNT unique is that there is no HNT "site". Each participant is in total control of their own contributions. There is no money being made, no administration, no rules or requirements. There is a set of guidelines, and I offer my weekly submissions as a bulletin board of sorts so that participants can tell everyone else that they've posted their HNT on their own site. By keeping things on each participants' site, visitors can then check out the blog, and decide if they want to come back during the rest of the week. HNT is as much a marketing tool as it is a creative outlet.

That's ultimately what HNT has become. A creative outlet. It is not a sex thing. Yes, there are many who post sexy pictures. But "half-nekkid" doesn't necessarily refer to the flesh. The concept of "half-nekkid" lies in the mind of the person posting the HNT. Many bloggers have used HNT to show parts of their soul, parts of their conscience, and parts of their lives. Many have used HNT to break out of whatever shells they might have found themselves living within. I have received scores of emails from people who feel liberated by being able to post pictures with a little more skin than they ever thought they would. Others have appreciated the fact that there is no "skin rule", and that they welcome the sense of community.

And "community" might describe HNT the best. I have made friends through HNT that I feel closer to than friends in "real life". With rare exception (and generally from non-HNTers), comments are overwhelmingly positive to everyone's weekly submissions. Everyone involved is aware that none of us is perfect, and that we all can use the compliments. Are they sometimes generic or gratuitous? Sure. But who cares? If someone has the guts to post a picture of themselves on the internet, then they deserve some congratulations!

HNT is a growing phenomenon. It was written about in the lifestyles section of "Business & Economy", India's most influential business and economy magazine. It's appearing at the 2006 Rogue Performance Festival in Fresno, CA. There has been a HNT party in Nashville, with others planned in the future! It has participants all across the world and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down! If HNT interests you, click on the button below to get to the "Guidelines for HNT" page. And then join in on the fun! But a warning--it gets very addicting in a short amount of time!


Last thing--feel free to leave comments here, or down below there at the very bottom of the page. I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#311 - #320

Drilled HNT
#320 - 09-29-11

Redneck HNT
#319 - 09-22-11

Sticky Wicket HNT
#318 - 09-15-11

Remembering HNT
#317 - 09-08-11

Miner's Gold HNT
#316 - 09-01-11

Meeting Old Friends For the First Time HNT
#315 - 08-25-11

The Rain, the Park & Other Things HNT
#314 - 08-18-11

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"Rumors of our demise have
been greatly exaggerated!" HNT
#313 - 08-11-11

Social Butterfly HNT
#312 - 08-04-11

It's The Water HNT
#311 - 07-28-11

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#301 - #310

Sinfully Sensuous HNT
#310 - 07-21-11

I Ain't Ready! HNT
#309 - 07-14-11

Beer Pong HNT
#308 - 07-07-11

Summer Breeze HNT
#307 - 06-30-11

I wanted to get a picture with the view of the valley,
but the lighting just wouldn't work right, so click on the pic to see that...

Summer Solstice 2011 HNT
#306 - 06-23-11

Meet the Family HNT
#305 - 06-16-11

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Dry and Wet HNT
#304 - 06-09-11

#303 - 06-02-11

Going Where No Man Has Gone Before HNT
#302 - 05-26-11

Happy 6th HNT!!!
#301 - 05-19-11

#291 - #300

Not Quite Back to Normal HNT
#300 - 05-12-11

#299 - 05-05-11

No Time HNT
#298 - 04-28-11

Cartman HNT
#297 - 04-21-11

A Year Older HNT
#296 - 04-14-11

The Masters HNT
#295 - 04-07-11

Encore HNT
#294 - 03-31-11

The Nose HNT
#293 - 03-24-11

Ba mhaith liom beoir HNT
#292 - 03-17-11

Smaller Drink of Water HNT
#291 - 03-10-11

#281 - #290

Tall Drink of Water HNT
#290 - 03-03-11

#49 HNT
#289 - 02-24-11

Coming Out of the Closet HNT
#288 - 02-17-11

iPhone HNT
#287 - 02-10-11

Groundhog Day HNT
#286 - 02-03-11

#285 - 01-27-11

It's the Little Things HNT
#284 - 01-20-11

Ducks/Tigers HNT
#283 - 01-13-11

Can You Sense the Excitement? HNT
#282 - 01-06-11

Christmas Tree HNT 2010
#281 - 12-16-10